October 23, 2014

A report by the Dawei Development Association documenting the concerns of the communities affected by the Dawei Special Economic Zone (DSEZ).

The Dawei Special Economic Zone has been associated with many social and environmental impacts and human rights violations.

If completed, the DSEZ would become one of the largest industrial zones in Southeast Asia. It is located in an agricultural, coastal region of southern Burma and will comprise, among other components, a deep seaport, an industrial estate, a water supply reservoir, and a road link between the two countries. The project is owned jointly between the national governments of Thailand and Burma.

The report calls on the National Human Rights Commissions of Thailand and Burma to carry out a full investigation into all complaints of human rights abuses, relating to land confiscations and forced evictions as a consequence of the Dawei SEZ project activities or operations conducted by companies domiciled in Thailand or Burma.

Watch the video here.

 Download the report here.

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