January 13, 2014

Burma Campaign UK has published a new statement responding to a letter from the British government about its policy on political prisoners in Burma. The statement argues that the British government letter was misleading in several ways, and that the British government is paying lip service to human rights in Burma.

Burma Campaign UK has been asking supporters to write to the British government about the issue of political prisoners in Burma, as part of our ‘No Political Prisoner Left Behind’ Campaign. In December 2013 the British government began responding with a letter making several misleading claims about what the British government is doing to help secure the release of all political prisoners.

The response by Burma Campaign UK examines each area in which the British government letter is misleading.

The response can be viewed here.

“The sad truth is that political prisoners are no longer a high priority for the British government when dealing with Burma. Their claim in their letter that ‘human rights – including political prisoners – will remain at the heart of British policy on Burma’ is simply false”, says the statement.

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