October 23, 2011

Jag Dojkovski, Fundraising Assistant at Burma Campaign UK, has completed her 2,000km bike ride for political prisoners in Burma, arriving in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Jag was cycling one kilometre for every political prisoner in Burma. She was also seeking to raise £2,000 for campaigning for the release of political prisoners. In the event she smashed her fundraising target, with donations so far totalling £3,330.

“Right now I just feel pure relief, I’m so glad I made it,” said Jag Dojkovski. “It was a real challenge, both physically and mentally, but when I found it hard to keep going, I thought of the amazing people from Burma I have met, who have been through so much to win freedom for their country, and that kept me going.”

Jag cycled through the UK, France, Belgium, Holland (Netherlands) and Germany, finishing in the Czech Republic.  She went through major European cities including London through Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hannover, Berlin and Prague. She has written a blog and posted pictures of her journey, which is online at: http://burmacampaignuk.blogspot.com/.

“I am completely relieved to be in Prague and so happy I don’t have to get on a bike tomorrow”, said Jag Dojkovski. “Thank you to all those who sincerely supported me and wished me well over the past 6 weeks. Your kind words and small gestures will always stay with me. Whether it was an email to check that I’m still alive, or a ‘think of your top five songs’ task to distract me, I really do appreciate it.”

Donations can still be made at:http://www.bmycharity.com/burmacycle2000kms2011



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