October 19, 2012

On Saturday 20th October Wai Hnin Pwint Thon, Campaigns Officer at Burma Campaign UK, will be making a parachute jump from a plane two miles high to raise money for Burma’s political prisoners.

Money raised by the jump will be split between helping those political prisoners who have been released, and campaigning for the release of hundreds of political prisoners still in jail.

“I have seen for myself how much suffering there is for political prisoners, even after they have been released,” said Wai Hnin. “Released political prisoners have lost years of their lives, many have been tortured and kept in solitary confinement. The food is so bad they often get sick and are not allowed proper medical care. They have physical and mental health problems, and can’t get work because of their political activities. None of the political prisoners recently released have been given any financial support, healthcare or compensation by the government. They haven’t even received an apology.”

Burma Campaign UK will use some of the funds raised to step up campaigns for the release of hundreds of political prisoners still in jail. Burma Campaign UK has already been highlighting the case of a different political prisoner every month. Four of the eight political prisoners highlighted so far have since been released.

“The international community has rushed to lift sanctions and other forms of pressure despite there still being hundreds of political prisoners in jail,” said Wai Hnin. “We are determined not to let those prisoners be forgotten. We will be campaigning for the establishment of an independent committee, with UN involvement, which can assess the numbers of political prisoners still in jail, and ensure they are released.”

Donations can be made online from any country at:


“My friends keep asking me why I decided to do a parachute jump when I am so scared of heights,” said Wai Hnin. “I answer that no matter how scared I am, I know it will be worth it if it raises money that can help political prisoners who have been freed, and helps get more political prisoners released.”


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