December 7, 2005

The Burma Campaign UK today welcomed news that Gill Clothing is to stop sourcing from Burma. The Burma Campaign UK approached the company after one of their supporters found Gill clothing with ‘Made in Myanmar’ labels. Myanmar is the name Burma’s military dictatorship have given Burma. Gill has now formally notified the Burma Campaign it will stop sourcing from Burma.

“We are pleased that Gill have responded positively to our request to stop sourcing from Burma,” said Anna Roberts, Campaigns Manager at the Burma Campaign UK. “Gill join more than 150 retailers and manufacturers who refuse to source from Burma.”

Clothing exports are an important source of revenue for the military regime that rules Burma. The regime spends half its budget on arms. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has called on companies not to trade with Burma.

In 2004 around £60 million of clothing was imported into the UK from Burma. The Burma Campaign UK today vowed to continue its campaign to clean the high street of clothing sourced from Burma.

“Any company sourcing clothing from Burma faces a powerful boycott campaign and a PR disaster,” said Anna Roberts.

Gill clothing specialise in outdoor and marine clothing.

For more information contact Mark Farmaner, Media Officer, on 020 7324 4713


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