July 18, 2022

Burma Campaign UK today called on members of The European Union to do more to cut the flow of arms and revenue to the Burmese military.

It is now five months since the EU brought in a new round of sanctions targeting revenue to the Burmese military.

People in Burma have watched in disbelief the rapid pace of the imposition of sanctions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, compared to the slow pace of sanctions being imposed against the Burmese military.

In the meantime, hundreds of thousands more people have been forced to flee their homes because of Burmese military airstrikes and ground attacks.

EU members can and must do more. They must systematically identify sources of revenue and arms going to the military and impose sanctions to stop them.

Numerous Burmese arms brokers have been exposed by Burmese advocacy group Justice for Myanmar, but haven’t been sanctioned by the EU.

Instead of taking decisive action, EU members dither and delay.

A fraction of the action being taken in response to the invasion of Ukraine would be transformative for the situation in Burma.

The plodding pace of the imposition of EU sanctions only benefits the military. While the people of Burma sacrifice everything for freedom, the European Union is moving lethargically at best to seek to support them by cutting off the supply of revenue and arms.

The approach of the past four rounds of sanctions has been the one the people of Burma are calling for. Action to cut off the supply of revenue and arms to the military. The EU leapfrogged other countries in sanctioning MOGE, but is now falling behind in sanctioning arms brokers.

“The EU is an economic superpower, but when it comes to sanctioning the Burmese military, it moves at the speed of a clapped-out supertanker,” said Anna Roberts, Executive Director. “The EU must now bring in a new round of sanctions targeting revenue, arms and equipment, including aviation fuel.”

Burma Campaign UK is asking people to send an email to EU member states calling for a new round of sanctions. This can be done via our website here:


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