November 12, 2007

A new website has been launched today which gives members of the public an opportunity to submit images showing that they haven’t forgotten Burma. The site has been created to allow internet users to show solidarity with the country’s pro-democracy movement and political prisoners.

It has been launched with the tagline – “The media spotlight may have moved on, but we still care. Leave a message of solidarity for the Burmese people. Be creative, be witty, show hope!”

The website is being operated by Burma Global Action Network, an organization that maintains the highly successful “Support the Monks’ Protest in Burma” Facebook group, which now consists of 440,000 members.

The site is being promoted by prestigious launch partners which include Burma Campaign UK, The US Campaign for Burma,, Canadian Friends of Burma, and The European Burma Network.

Johnny Chatterton the lead activist working on the project commented, “We envision this site to bring together Burma supporters and campaigners from around the world behind one, simple message – we haven’t forgotten Burma.”

The concept for this site has been taken from the highly successful models established by[url=][/url] and[url=][/url]

However, thanks to site designer Chantal Marez[url=][/url]provides many facilities that its predecessors did not. Chatterton commented, “Chantal has put us at the cutting edge of web design. The site contains automatically updating scrollers, and we will be providing real time slideshows that people can embed into their blogs and websites. We feel that these unique features will be the key to the success of our mission to ensure that the world does not forget the brave protestors that took to the streets of Burma this September.”

The site encourages people to show creativity with the messages they submit. It has been a success even before it was officially launched. Marez commented, “even before we officially launched the site it has been getting around 1 submission every 6 minutes from all over the world.”

For more information please contact Johnny Chatterton, Online Activism Coordinator at Burma Campaign UK and lead activist for at or


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