October 29, 2007

Brown, Cameron, Miliband, Hague and others support call for democracy.

The Burma Campaign UK today released a video on YouTube of the UK’s most powerful politicians condemning the recent actions of the Burmese Junta. The release coincides with the first ever full-length Government-sponsored debate on Burma in the House of Commons.  The video includes senior politicians from Labour (Gordon Brown MP, David Miliband MP), The Conservatives (David Cameron MP, William Hague MP, Andrew Mitchell MP) and the Liberal Democrats (Michael Moore MP).

“On the day that Burma is debated in the House of Commons, it is apt that the most powerful politicians in Britain have united to declare that Britain will not forget the people of Burma.  Campaign groups around the world are ensuring that Burma does not slip off the agenda. This act of support by Britain’s politician’s shows that eyes of the world are still on Burma.” said Johnny Chatterton, Online Activism Coordinator for Burma Campaign UK.

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP begins the video by reiterating his offer to the Burmese people, “We’re prepared to draw up a package of measures for the improvement of the Burmese economy and the condition of the people with other world leaders that would be available if Burma was to move towards democracy and reconciliation in the future” he ends “we will continue to ensure that the gaze of the whole world is on this repressive regime”.

The leader of the Opposition David Cameron MP states that the UK has not forgotten the protestors who took to the streets over a month ago “The monks may have been silenced, many of them may be out of site, but they haven’t been forgotten, either by people by this country or elsewhere else I the world.” He concludes, “It is time for freedom and human rights in Burma. This country won’t ignore the plight of what’s happening in Burma nor should anyone else in the world.”

The Foreign Secretary David Miliband MP says that “the flame of liberty and human rights is one that is alive and well in Burma” calling on the UK to send a message to the protestors that “we have not forgotten them, and that we are determined to ensure that we do all we can to make sure that their rights are protected and advanced”.

The Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague MP, The shadow Foreign Secretary sends a message to “Everyone in Britain supports and salutes the activities of those people in Burma….” He sends a message to “ all of those people hoping and longing for democracy in Burma – we’re not going to forget you over the coming weeks and months as we debate this in our parliament – you ought to be able to enjoy the same rights and freedoms that we enjoy, and we will stand by you”

The Shadow Foreign Secretary for the Liberal Democrats Michael Moore MP, speaks of the thousands of political prisoners in Burma mentioning Aung Sang Suu Kyi who has been imprisoned for over 12 years. He describes how the UK has been appalled by the recent crackdown in Burma, states that “we will continue to campaign to ensure democracy and human rights come to Burma”

The Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Mitchell MP concludes by urging people “not to forget the people of Burma”.

For more information, contact Johnny Chatterton on 020 7324 4710

Editors Notes:

The video is entitled “Britain’s politicians speak out for Democracy in Burma” and is available to view at[url=http://www.youtube.com/burmacampaignuk]http://www.youtube.com/burmacampaignuk[/url]

or the direct link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07oQ_BJC8ok

The videos were all recorded within the last two weeks, some by Burma Campaign UK staff, some by the politicians’ offices.


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