June 5, 2015

Burma Briefing No. 39

This briefing paper highlights how Burma has taken no steps to implement the Declaration of Commitment to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, which it signed one year ago today.

The Declaration contained twelve commitments to prevent sexual violence in conflict. The Burmese government is taking no significant action on any of these commitments, and is actively violating all nine of the commitments which relate to action they should be taking domestically, including on assistance and care to survivors, investigations, police and army doctrine in accordance with international law, and supporting and protecting civil society, women’s groups and human rights defenders.

The briefing also highlights how the British government has taken no significant steps to try to persuade the Burmese government to implement the plan, and has continued a quarter of a million pound training programme with the Burmese Army, despite their ongoing use of rape as a weapon of war.

As it is clear that the Burmese government and military are unwilling to implement the Declaration or take any other kind of action to end the use of rape by the Burmese Army, Burma Campaign UK is calling for the UN to establish an international investigation into the use of rape and sexual violence in conflict in Burma.

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