October 1, 2007

Annie Lennox
“The whole world is watching Burma, a country whose people have been repressed by a brutal military dictatorship for too long. The peaceful protest that began only days ago by Buddhist monks is coming to a climax. We wait to see if it will culminate in yet another bloody massacre. Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, and rightful leader of Burma, has been forcefully and criminally interned under house arrest for too many years. It is time for Burma to be set free. It is time for justice and human rights to prevail”

We in the band remain astonished and humbled by the unbelievable courage and humanity of the Buddhist order and the people of Burma.The actions of the ruling Junta are an abomination and the international community should take immediate steps to remove this evil, wicked regime and return the country to its people.

Annie Lennox and Faithless are not available for comment. For more information contact Suki Dusanj, Events Manager at Burma Campaign UK, on 020 7324 4716.


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