September 30, 2007

Around 3,000 people have joined a protest in London today, the biggest demonstration for Burma in the UK so far.

As with the protests in Burma, the internet played a key role in the London protest. Inspiration for the march came from Mike Stone, who called for a solidarity walk in Central London on the website Facebook. The march was organised the Burmese Democratic Movement Association, a Burmese community organisation, with the support of Burma Campaign UK.

“Something urgently had to be done to support the monks,” said Mike Stone. “We need to show our support to the people on the streets of Burma.”

Protestors marched from Trafalgar Sq, to Downing Street, then past the Foreign Office and British Parliament to the Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park, next to the River Thames.

“People in Burma are suffering and dying,” said Ko Aung of the Burmese Democratic Movement Association. “The international community should take action. We have been suffering for more than four decades, we cannot keep suffering, we need action.”

Tomorrow demonstrators will converge on the German Embassy, calling on Germany to stop blocking EU economic sanctions. On Saturday 6th October there will be an international day of action, with marches and protests. A non-stop vigil is also being held outside Parliament.


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