2015 Elections

2015 Elections

After the NLD’s landslide election victory, this briefing contains detailed analysis of what is likely to happen next, the process of the elections, and key election statistics.

Donate your old currency

Left over currency home page

Donate your old currency or left over holiday money.

Do you have any foreign coins or banknotes gathering dust? Why not donate your forgotten currency to Burma Campaign UK?

Persecution of Rohingya

Rohingya action home page

Legal experts say that human rights violations against the Rohingya constitute crimes against humanity, and that there is evidence that genocide is being committed.

Take action now.


Urgent aid needed for Rakhine State

Urgent aid needed for Rakhine State

The Burmese government is blocking aid ‎to the 140,000 Rohingya people living in squalid camps in Rakhine State.

Take action to help lift aid restrictions and save lives.

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