November 30, 2011

This report is released by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR). It reveals detailing human rights abuses committed by the Burmese Army in Kachin State, Burma. PHR’s investigation reveals that the much‐publicized incremental political changes in central Burma have not translated into improvements for the ethnic populations in the remote areas of Burma. During Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Burma in December, PHR calls on her to focus on abuses against ethnic minorities.

Key human rights findings of the report include:

  • The Burmese army forced Kachin civilians to guide combat units and walk in front of army columns to trigger landmines.
  • The Burmese army regularly pillaged food and supplies from civilians.
  • The Burmese army fired automatic weapons directly into a civilian village, striking non‐military targets.

The report also provides the first humanitarian assessment of some of the internally displaced people living in areas of Kachin State that are not controlled by the Burmese government.

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