September 20, 2020

Report by the Ta’ang Women’s Organization

This report documents the human rights abuses committed by Tatmadaw between 2016 April to 2019 in Ta’ang region in northern Shan State.

Ta’ang people and other ethnic nationality populations living in conflict areas have suffered decades of human rights abuses, committed primarily by the Tatmadaw (Myanmar military).

The report finds that arbitrary arrest, torture and forced disappearance are highest number in these crimes and the second largest category was artillery fire and indiscriminate shooting. Abuses include the soldiers handcuffed the people with ropes and torture such as beating with military helmets, kicking with boots, beating with bamboo sticks, punching, and often beating people with rifle handles. The worst affected areas are Kutkai, Namhsan, Kyaukme, Namkhan, Manton, Mongmit, Lashio, Mogoke, Muse and Namtu.

Lway Poe Kamaekhour from Ta’ang Women’s Organization said, “These are just the human rights violations that we have collected as much as we can. There are many more that are out of reach. There will be no peace if human rights violations and fighting continues. If the perpetrators of human rights violation are allowed to commit with impunity, we will not have the peace we want.”

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