November 26, 2010

A report by Altsean-Burma detailing widespread evidence of electoral fraud, irregularities, threats, harassment, and lack of independent monitoring during Burma’s 2010 election.

The election process was met by widespread condemnation inside and outside Burma, with the significant exception of ASEAN and China.

In total, the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) won 883 (or 76.52%) of the 1,154 seats at stake in the election.

The USDP’s overwhelming majority in both houses of Parliament, coupled with the 25% of the seats occupied by the military, means that the USDP/military bloc can unilaterally amend the 2008 constitution (which, for ordinary matters, requires the approval of over 75% of the representatives of both houses of Parliament). In addition, the USDP/military bloc can unilaterally elect Burma’s next President.

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