October 15, 2021

Burma Campaign UK is calling on the government of Greece to enforce European Union sanctions on Burmese military companies.

Greek shipping company Conbulk Ship Management has repeatedly been using the military owned Hteedan port in Yangon, despite its owners, Myanmar Economic Corporation, being sanctioned by the European Union.

Burma Campaign UK has twice written to the embassy of Greece in the UK regarding the sanctions breech, on 26th July and 27th August, but received no response. Conbulk Ship Management has also failed to respond to correspondence from Burma Campaign UK.

The Myanmar Port Authority Berthing List for 22nd July 2021 listed the vessel Presidio at Hteedan Port Terminal in Yangon. The berthing list is available here.

And again on several occasions since, including 27th August here.

The Myanmar Port Authority has not been regularly publishing berthing lists since September 10th, and its website is regularly down, so we have not been able to monitor more recent arrivals at Hteedan Port.

The International Maritime Organisation lists the Presidio as a container vessel (IMO number 9248954) registered in The Marshal Islands and owned by GW Presidio Holdings LLC. The company address given is: ‘Care of Conbulk Ship management Corp , 2, Mavromichali Street, 185 45 Piraeus, Greece.’ The details are available on the IMO website here.

Hteedan Port Terminal is owned by the Myanmar military via its conglomerate, Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC). The details are available on the MEC website here: https://www.mecwebsite.com/hteedan-port

MEC was sanctioned by the European Union (EU) on the 19th April 2021. The Council implementing regulation is available here.

“The government of Greece has a legal responsibility to enforce EU regulations, including the sanctions on Burma military companies,” said Mark Farmaner, Director of Burma Campaign UK. “Greece must take action to ensure Greek companies do not break sanctions laws and provide revenue to the military.”

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