December 20, 2001

The Norwegian Olympic Team has just announced cancellation of it’s Triumph International sponsorship because of the company’s presence in Burma and the Burma Campaign UK’s (BCUK) high profile campaign against the company.
The Norwegian Team had refused to wear the Triumph logo or products unless the company pulls out of Burma. As Triumph has so far refused to withdraw, the Team is going to the winter Olympics without Triumph sponsorship.
“This is not a prestige case for us” said the chief of the Olympic Team Bjørge Stensbøl, “I think it is great that the team has reacted in this way and said that they do not want to wear clothes made by a firm that has a production in a country that breaks human rights laws”.
Yvette Mahon Director of the Burma Campaign UK said: “Triumph had better realise that this is just the beginning. They could cut their pain and cut their losses and get out of Burma now, or choose further humiliation and embarrassment of this kind. We salute the Norwegian Olympic Team for their integrity and support of the oppressed people of Burma.”
For further information call BCUK on 0207 281 7377

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