May 21, 2013

Burma Campaign UK today publishes Burma Briefing No.25: Burma’s Forgotten Political Prisoners.

The briefing contains case studies of 6 political prisoners who were arbitrarily arrested by the military-backed government in Burma.

The briefing paper also looks at how the review committee for political prisoners set up by the Burmese government is flawed, highlights the continued existence of almost all repressive laws, and how the release of political prisoners has been tactically used by the Burmese government to persuade the international community to lift sanctions.

“It is vital to remember that genuine democratic reform cannot happen as long as the Burmese government still keeps hundreds of political activists in jail. The international community is abandoning those remaining political prisoners by talking up the positive changes and lifting pressure on Burma while political activists are still suffering in jail, “said Wai Hnin, Campaigns Officer at Burma Campaign UK.

The briefing is available here.

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