September 7, 2000

On Tuesday 12 September, 2000 between 12.30-2pm, the Burmese community and pro-democracy supporters will gather outside the Burmese Embassy, 19a Charles Street, off Berkeley Square, London in protest at the current political and human rights crisis in Burma.
Aung San Suu Kyi was forced to return to Rangoon after a nine day stand off with Burma’s military regime in the early hours of Saturday 2 September. Neither she nor National League for Democracy (NLD)Vice Chairman U Tin Oo have been seen or heard from since 1.30am that morning. Aung San Suu Kyi’s house is blockaded by security forces and the telephone lines cut. All 10 of the NLD executive committee are under de facto house arrest and diplomats have been denied access to them. Two senior members of the NLD, U Soe Myint and Dr Myo Aung have reportedly been imprisoned together with 16 members of the party’s youth wing.
It is thought that large numbers of NLD members are also in danger of being arrested after the military raided NLD offices over the weekend of 2/3 September and confiscated confidential documents. There have been worrying indications that the regime is preparing a fabricated case against the NLD – leveling accusations of terrorist activities at them – which could be used as a pretext for finally outlawing the party.
The UK government, The European Union, the United States and the United Nations have all condemned the actions taken by Burma’s military rulers. But all have stopped short of taking any concrete punitive action against the regime. The NLD has repeatedly urged the imposition of international investment sanctions. To date only the US Government has complied.

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