No Political Prisoner Left Behind

No Political Prisoner Left Behind

There are hundreds of political prisoners remaining in jail and people are continuing to be arrested for their peaceful political activities. Repressive laws are still being used to intimidate and arrest activists. One political prisoners is one too many.

No political prisoner should be left behind in jail.

A list of political prisoners cases you can take action on is here.



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There are still political prisoners in jail, and all the laws under which they were jailed remain in place, and must be repealed. People are still being arrested because of their political activities, ethnicity or religion. If we draw the attention of the NLD-led government to the remaining political prisoners, hopefully they will also be released. We are continuing our campaigns to free all political prisoners in Burma. No political prisoner should be left behind in jail.

Take action here to free political prisoners in Burma.

Letter Writing Guide

Free Political Prisoners – Letter Writing Guide

This guide provides case studies and addresses to write directly to political prisoners and to demand international action for the release of political prisoners.

Download the Political Prisoner Letter Writing Guide here.





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